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Ethnic Studies Database

Welcome to the second incarnation of the Ethnic Studies Database. As we all have to do from time to time, the site has had to move. Luckily, I will now be able to update this more often. To start things off, let's define some things. Ethnicity "refers to a common ancestry and cultural tradition. The term comes from the Greek word ethnos which means "nation" or "people." The ethnicity of a group refers to its common culture, which typically includes the language and religion of the group, and in many cases, also the predominate occupation(s) of the group. Ethnicity, like gender is a social construct. In many ways, the definition of ethnicity, sounds like that of "culture," except that it is not as broad. Specifically, ethnicity typically refers to a culture within a culture. A group of people with a common or shared identity, living within a larger, mainstream group. The larger group may be entirely distinct, from the smaller ethnic group, but more typically will share a number of broader cultural traits and social aspirations with the smaller ethnic group. When social aspirations and political ambitions differ widely, the two groups typically interact negatively or aggressively. This may be exacerbated by religious differences, intolerance, and either real or perceived differences in the distribution of wealth and or property between the groups." (

Ethnic Studies then would entail the study of ethnicity and its various aspects. This page is meant to be a source on visual art, literature, film, etc. with information, various links, and artist names in various ethnic groups in the United States of America. I will be starting wih the four major ethnic groups present (Latina/o, Native American, Asian American, and African American). My interest lies mainly within the Latina/o community, and as such that group will begin with the most information... If you have any information that you feel could be of use, feel free to contact me below. Just so we are all up to speed, each page will be divided into sections on Names (various labels used by/ thrust upon the groups), Movies (mainly works done by that group, mainstream works that offer positive representation, as well as those that can not be ignored), Visual Artists (painters, sculptors, performance artists, etc), Writers, and Music (acknowledging/reminding those that have made it). I make no claims to be all-inclusive. I will try to get as much in as I can. If you think that there is something missing, let me know and I will try my best to include it.

Also, by request, I am including a section on available programs for undergraduate and graduate study in Ethnic Studies and related fields(Higher Education). If you would like to submit information, let me know.